As you read through this manual you will benefit from the revelation of gifted teachers, concerning “Authentic Disciples”. Each contributor focuses on a particular area, building and establishing a foundation to teach and disciple others.

May the messages in this manual reveal to you more clearly, Jesus, the light of men. May they help you to be more thoroughly equipped to carry His light into darkness; overcoming the darkness, seeing your family, city and nation illuminated by His light.

For far too long His people have lived under the shadow of principalities and powers of darkness; not understanding the influence these principalities have in their lives. As Christian leaders we are to teach God’s people to understand Spiritual Authority, to see it activated in their lives, to see them equipped to do the work of ministry.

Why character development? Because character is the foundation of personal integrity, responsibility, self-discipline, friendship, perseverance, honesty, loyalty and other virtues that define a leader. Without these virtues and others, a leader who lacks character becomes prey to the enemy and succumbs to various types of temptations.