The HPIM vision is clear and we believe you will recognize that an investment in training leaders is a great way for you to be involved when you consider our beginnings through our 29-year history. Thousands of leaders have been touched and have changed their lives and their communities through this ministry.  


Isaiah Nshimirimana, Burundi

Dear Brothers in our Lord Jesus Christ, praise the Lord.
 Your coming was a great blessing to the Church of Burundi, especially to our ministry UCE. We thank God also to allow his servants Pastor Chuck, Pastor Dwight and his Wife to serve in our country. We really witness the harvest after your work in Burundi in training leaders, revival meetings and in Evangelical crusade, we glorify the Lord, we saw the hand of God... 

 At Bujumbura, at Ngozi and at Karusi all were fire conferences. Also your program on different radio (at Ngozi and at Bujumbura) has strengthened many people. The leaders of Bujumbura after conference said: ‘‘we received many ministries, but yours with your teachings is very nice’’. They appreciate you very much. That`s the same at Ngozi.
About report of new converts to Jesus, I don’t remember well about Bujumbura and Ngozi ; but at Karusi 177 new Christians have been numbered in our partners churches and an unknown number which is in other churches around. We remark also that after the end of crusade many come one by one to consult the Pastors of local churches in order to be guide to receive Jesus in their life, as testified by the local church leaders.
Let`s tell you that it is great blessing to stand with you to change the world for Jesus, specially our country. As you have remarked yourself, our country is threatened by poverty, when we look the life of people, it looks very bad. Unfortunately the Islamic plan in our country profit this poverty to fool our miserable people by giving some gifts (food, cloths, money, schools….).
There are five years we lead conferences of intercessors praying and fasting for this matter, we are now very glad to practice this project of Agribusiness as an answer to our prayer. We hope, with God and others servants of God, we can bring healing in our nation. As one body of Christ (you and us) we can change our country from desert nation to a green one in the name of Jesus. Thank you for shepherd`s staff, thank you for this program of N2N which is going to help in the church of Burundi, thanks also to Pastor Don to accept receiving us for the first time in Kenya, we still remember him as grandfather.
Thank you to be with us, in few days we will send you our subjects of prayer in order to be specific when you pray for us, we hope to receive you again next time.
Greetings to your families and churches. May God bless you abundantly.
Your Faithfull

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Alejandro Orella, Mexico

Since our first meeting with HPIM twelve years ago in Tapachula, Mexico, our church has grown from a group of 8 to 1,200 people! We were drawn to this ministry because of their passion to care for the body of Christ. We now help them coordinate seminars in South Mexico, which have impacted thousands of leaders.

Joseph Likavo, Kenya

HPIM has trained thousands of leaders through leadership seminars here in Kenya; many great teachers provided by HPIM have facilitated these seminars. HPIM has also trained many thousands of pastor’s in many other African nations as well! We have also hosted several short-term mission teams from HPIM and witnessed hundreds of lives transformed by their work.